The gift shop is set right in front of the main square of Santa Maria- Island of Sal and next doors to the small open Bar Ocean and the Pub Ocean Cafe.
Inaugurated in 2003 in the same local but in a small area, it was completely renovate and extend in 2016 using only recycled materials and local labour.
Cabo Verde Republic is open every day of the year and it offers a wide range of products, including some designed by ourselves and made by local artisans.


Aluminum plates

Created by our own designers to be an intemporary gift, the aluminium plates are original and show different places of Cape Verde and Portugal on a lovely work which turns into the perfect souvenir of your holidays in Santa Maria Island of Sal.

You can buy your favourite plate right here!

Ceramic statues

Made in Brazil by great artisans for this shop, the ceramic statues show, undouble African influence by the patterned and vivid colours of the "Capulanas" which are the traditionally representing African clothing that you can see here on the streets of Santa Maria Island of Sal.
In many different models and sizes but just one objective, offer you the best high standard souvenir of Africa that money can buy!

Souvenirs and Books

Postcards, posters, nautical maps, illustrated photo publications, new items and many other products are part of the graphic section of the Cabo Verde Republic shop.

Traditional Products of Cape Verde

In the corner reserved for traditional products of Cape Verde you will find, in particular, food specialties’, such as, wine, spirits, coffee and canned tuna, coming from the different islands of the archipelago.

T-Shirts & Clothing

Our brand purposes only few but selected clothing articles however with high quality and attention to detail.

Local handicraft

there is also a dedicated corner of the shop where you can find a range of handmade items, made by local artisans, which express the art of Cabo Verde.

Support Center

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About Us

OCEAN CAFE - Suites & Pub is a brand of the company OCEANO AZUL Lda that operate in Cape Verde since 2001 as property developer and in the commercial activities.

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