Cape Verde Islands

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The history of the archipelago is articulated and complex but substantially it can be divided into two great moments.

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Politics and society

The governments that have alternated from the independence to present time, have always favoured, through targeted legislation, the incentive for economic and social development of the country.

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In the contemporary years the country has given itself a stable political organization of alternation.

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People and mentality

The Cape Verde population, which is the most long-lived in the African continent and at the same time is populated by young people, is known for its mildness and its great propensity for hospitality .

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Art and culture

Art and culture are a significant part of the heritage of this country.

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Cape Verde, in terms of security and public order, is generally referred to as "a country without particular criticality".

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The climate in the Cape Verde Islands is tropical dry, with an average temperature that fluctuates around 26 ° C along the year.

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